Thursday, 30 October 2014

Igniting Young Minds

Don’t we all hold a special place for our teachers from the early years of our life? Those teachers who taught us the alphabets, the nursery rhymes and the Golden Words? They brought a host of learning techniques to the classroom to keep us engaged. Ms. Geeta Prasanna is another such teacher who brings a variety of learning techniques to the class. Her classes bring excitement and fun to the children’s lives, who happily repeat every word after her, dance to her action songs and even participate in the re-enactment of moral stories. Using various learning aids she breezes through different concepts like objects, colours, birds, animals. Her interactive classes would make you yearn to be a child again to participate in the class. Surely someday these kids will look back and remember this wonderful teacher, just as we today feel nostalgic about our childhood teachers.

In an interview with her, she chatted about her relationship with Vathsalya.

How long have you been teaching here?
                I have been in the teaching field for the last 25 years. Now I have been associated with Vathsalya for more than two years.

You teach at Vathsalya only once a week, so what do you do as a full- time profession?
                I specialise in teaching children with hearing impairment. So I take one- on- one classes at home for these children. Once in a week, I come to Vathsalya to teach migrant children and help them with basic concept formations.

What has been your most rewarding experience here?
                I generally teach children who find it difficult to speak. But here I was surprised to see that children with normal hearing capacity also found it difficult to communicate. This was because they had very little social interactions. So when they utter every word it brings great joy and satisfaction to me.

What motivates you to teach here?

                Vathsalya is a very well- run institution with a dedicated staff. Their enthusiasm to help the children motivates me to teach here.
- Benita Chacko

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