Tuesday, 28 October 2014


An unassuming, beautiful young girl, intently pouring over her books and writing down her notes, this young angel is all of fifteen and intends to change the world! All I can say is that she is already at it.
In her tenth grade, Akanksha made the crucial decision of dropping out of a formal institution and decided to be home-schooled. If you are wondering why, here is your answer – so she could spend more time at an NGO and teach the migrant children there.

 Akanksha has been associated with Vathsalya Charitable Trust for over three years now. She joined the NGO with the intention of helping the kids in her spare time but was soon consumed by the noble cause. In Akanksha’s words, “These kids have a lot of talent and really big dreams, they only need someone to guide them, so they can achieve their dreams.” Her decision was, to ‘be the change you want to see’. Today, she spends her mornings with these migrant children, coursing through the curriculum in a fun, interesting manner. Only the remainder of her day is dedicated to her personal education. She also dedicates a few days of her week to the NGOs outreach programmes and visits the nearby slums and schools to propagate the importance of education in EVERYONE’s life.

“Every morning now, I wake up with a smile on my face as a result of these efforts,” says Akanksha.
Have you felt this way today?
-Neha Sharma

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